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TVR zeigt das neue Model am 8. bis 10. September 2017 am Goodwood Revival.
Zugleich feiert die Marke ihr 70-jähriges Bestehen.

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Nächster Event des Swiss TVR Car Club: 27. August 2017

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Zukünftiger Event des Swiss TVR Car Club: 7. Oktober 2017

Swiss Classic British Car Meeting Morges

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We are incredibly excited to be unveiling the new car at the Goodwood Revival. It’s the first time a global launch of a new car has occurred at the event, and it seems an entirely appropriate place for us to do it, with the marque’s motorsport heritage and an enthusiastic audience of dedicated car fans – and in our 70th anniversary year. After a series of secret private viewings organised for the benefit of existing customers for the new car, we know that we have a surefire hit on our hands, and very much look forward to seeing the public reaction in September.
Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR